All hail the serpentine Year of the Snake!

Ironically, 2011 we were a two snake household, and now we're down to none.
2012 was actually quite splendid- I dubbed it "My year of benevolence" and felt that I was getting away with all kinds of luxuries and wild ganders, like donating salaries and honorariums because it simplified my life; taking a month off to live in Minnesota to write; floating up and down the coast of California to huddle over cups of volcanically strong coffee and fine, wrathful glasses of syrah, engaged in lazy conversations about ink, maps, and books. But I have another year to look forward to; perhaps the snake is just a tamer, more evolved version of the dragon.
Two block linoleum print on chipboard nengajo, with polymer text letterpress printing on the nether side. And for the first time in thirteen years, I got the bulk of the postcards printed, addressed, stamped and at the post office on December 31st.
May this auspicious beginning set the ambient tone for the whole year.